Political cold shower

Editor: New contributer N. V. Peale writes from Denver. His dark humor is typified by the use of "slightly sub-optimistic" to mean "gloomy as hell." His icy realism would probably horrify the late positive-thinking clergyman from whom our man borrows a pen name. Random thoughts on a Friday lunch hour

Just seeking to stir the pot a little. Apologies if slightly sub-optimistic.

1. I don't see how McCain pulls it out, at this point.

2. The last debate a sad spectacle. To the point of my deep personal embarrassment. For America.

3. GWBush has given two small TV addresses lately, aimed at reassuring markets. Both have made things worse. Credibility zero.

4. GWBush has become a "shell." Fresh out of hemoglobin and neurotransmitters. Probably wishes he didn't run for reelection in 2004. Down to the last penny, we observe the blooming fruits of Neoconservatism.

5. The word "Greenspan" will soon become a grandiose pejorative. "Bernanke" and "Paulson" likewise.

6. None of the talking heads (elected or otherwise) knows what they're doing. Americans beginning to sense it. Bad advice everywhere. We're all on our own. Caveat emptor.

7. Expecting major forthcoming realignment in GOP and conservative movement. Which way should we align? Where will each of us land in the new land?

8. My economic hypothesis continues to be -- A bit more deflation, then significant inflation. But not sure when we hit the other end of the wishbone.