How I'm voting on judges

We need rotation in office, John Adams' cherished principle, for the judicial branch just as we already have for the legislative and executive branches in Colorado. No one is infallible or indispensable, and no one is more likely to forget that fact than "Your Honor" in black robes on a high bench. Term limits for judges are a remedy for that hubris. Though unsuccessful as constitutional Amendment 40 in 2006, they are still functionally achievable by our retention votes in 2008. With that in mind...

I am a yes on Supreme Court Justice Alison Eid... also a yes on three of the Court of Appeals judges, Bernard, Furman, and Jones. All four are Owens appointees and received unanimous retention recommendations from the review commission.

I am a no on Democrat Justice Gregory Hobbs, who has ignored the constitution in some major rulings... also a no on Appeals judges Hawthorne, Roman, and Terry, also seated by Owens but who got weak retention recommendations. Give them tough love ala Mike Shanahan: You didn't make the cut, back to the minors.

Finally, I am a no on all district judges, most of whom are unknown to me. Again nothing personal, on principle I just believe these judges as they win their retention should have to see a large no-vote total against their name to remind them a lot of citizens don't trust our courts.