Islamic guilt trip rolls on

Religious bias filings in the workplace are on the rise, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here's the link for their 10/16 story.. One must put this in proper perspective: such filings by Muslim groups constitute “classic cultural jihad”. Muslim groups will put continual pressure on employers and local officials to accommodate their culture and traditions with the intention of slowly but surely replacing ours entirely. This is the publicly announced long term Muslim goal.

The normal reaction of most decent Americans is to be non-confrontational, to try to compromise, to dialog, and to “reach out and understand”. The Muslims interpret this as weakness and push even harder. The key: Muslims feel morally superior to us, and have nothing but contempt for us. They have no problem cynically using our traditions of religious liberty and common decency to posture as “persecuted victims” and to strive to destroy the very liberties of which they are taking advantage.

If we wish to even have an America in 50 years, we will have to resist each and every encroachment. Look at Holland! They have tried to appease Muslim demands for 30 years. The result: Dutch culture is on the verge of disappearing into an Islamized Western Europe.