Why not Obama?

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When the votes are counted in ten days, America will have chosen either a big man or a con man as the next President. It's not that either candidate is supernaturally good or bad. Each is an imperfect human being with a mixture of admirable and less admirable qualities. But John McCain is simply better prepared for the toughest job in the world, and his center-right policies are more likely to bring us peace and prosperity. Barack Obama would govern from the left and by guesswork. Our enemies would aggressively target his weaknesses, as Joe Biden himself has warned. Electing him would be a leap in the dark.

As my neighbor Ted said this morning: "When people hesitate on McCain because they don't want a third term of Bush, I tell them... much less can we afford a second term of Jimmy Carter." Bingo! Obama in the White House, in fact, would jeopardize the economy, national security, and our liberties to an extent that makes Carter look like TR. Not pretty.

** Brad O'Leary, author of "The Audacity of Deceit," joins me on Backbone Radio this Sunday for a complete rundown on his disturbing findings about the Dem nominee. For an interactive preview of the book, go to BarackObamaTest.com.

** Plus we'll get the story on Obama's support of sex education for kindergartners from Joneen MacKenzie of Wait Training.org.... and we'll talk with Silver Salazar, cousin of the Democratic senator and a leader of Colorado Democrats for McCain.

** Glenn Spencer of the US Chamber of Commerce joins me for a briefing on the labor union bill to deprive employees of a secret ballot in the workplace... a good reason to vote against Udall for Senate and against Obama for President.

** And our Republican candidate profiles will continue as we talk with Scott Starin for Congress in CD2... John Lerew for Congress in CD7... and Suyann Duthie for State Senate in Aurora.

Dem spinners and the mainstream media -- but I repeat myself -- want you to believe the race is over, the polls are irretrievable. Don't buy it. Polling itself belies that conclusion. It's not over till November 4, and America needs the best from each of us, all the way to the finish line. Onward.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS