Grim outlook for 2009 & beyond

Here's a list of possible consequences over the long term, if next Tuesday brings a three-house sweep by America's socialist progressives. 1- Nationalized health care, with the concomitant collapse in quality and availability

2- Nationalized airlines with the shrinking of the number of flights and quality of service

3-Hate speech laws that will make it a felony to criticize government officials, union leaders, or Islam

4- Fairness Doctrine laws that shut down conservative radio talk shows, critical websites, maybe even newspapers

5- As a sop to the trial lawyers, one leg of the Democratic Party stool, all remedies under these laws will be in the courts. Thus, speak out and find yourself bankrupted either by legal expenses or judgments or both.

6- This will turn America into a virtual one-party state. Opposition candidates and parties will gradually fade away after being financially starved and otherwise hararssed

7- Home schooling illegal, religious schools illegal

8- Tax-exempt status for churches and other religious institutions revoked

9- Gun control enacted nationally, millions of guns confiscated, laws against possession severe

10- The disarmed population thus put at the mercy of OCDC, Obama Civilian Defense Corps, his young supporters legitimized with uniforms and weapons to intimidate potential opponents.

11- Abortion and gay marriage legalized nationwide

12- Heavy progressive taxation imposed, massive new regulatory agencies established, with the result that tech innovation withers, stock market becomes an irrelevant anachronism, and flight of capital to Asia increases

13- Massive cuts in military spending for weapons systems and perational funds, plus disembowelment of the Intelligence Services and Homeland Security

14- Once the Supreme Court is packed with compliant jurists, the re-education measures and facilities for “anti-social elements” (Gulags by another name) will ramp up

15- America's GDP, the standard of living, and basic freedoms will all plummet

History, if honest, would say the root cause was when the schools were abandoned to the Marxists, who successfully turned the nation their way from the inside over a period of 60 years.

But should the above occur, history itself will be rewritten, and the truth will be set in another context.