The comeback starts now

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Starting Jan. 20, Barack Obama will be the only president Americans have, so we all wish him well in patriotism, for the country's sake and by the Golden Rule. His election suggests some good things about America in the 21st century, as well as some concerning things. We'll see how those sort out in 2009. But already, in what's left of 2008, history isn't standing still while BHO takes his victory lap. Among other developments, I see by the papers that investors are dumping stocks, citizens are buying up guns, and the Russians are snarling as if they missed the Messiah's "heal the planet" memo. One other reaction that was already underway before McCain conceded Tuesday night is the soul-searching and fresh thinking by conservatives about how to reenergize our movement and prepare for a Republican comeback in 2010 and 2012.

The GOP has been here before. After the humiliations of 1964 and 1974, we needed only half a decade each time to regain the White House. So pull up your socks, team. Here we go again.

** Our 4th birthday show this week features Denver radio legend Ken Hamblin... Claremont political scientist Andrew Busch... local columnists David Harsanyi on the right and Mike Littwin on the left... plus maybe your voice on the air if you're there at Lodo's.

In this America we love, backbone is still a winning approach. Our side can be back in the game much sooner than the left expects. It's up to each of us. The comeback starts now.

Yours for freedom and responsibility, JOHN ANDREWS