'Hope and change' elected BHO

The irony should not be lost on his adversaries as we now "hope for (minimal) change." Of course, his supporters have no idea who he really is or what he'll really do - so actually we're all united now! But it behooves the adult party to avoid the trap that befell our more juvenile brethren and has so hurt our country - the outright and irrational hatred of GWB. The preemptive and petty attacks on his every move has done more harm than any of his missteps. We must give the benefit of the doubt to President-elect Obama by allowing him every chance to fulfill his promise to hear and respect his opponents and govern from the center,

That said, the question still remains - How long can those not fully vested in America (whether legally, financially, culturally) determine its fate without breaking it? Those who ride on the American camel without appreciation for its beauty, or fragility.

At what point does the camel's back break? No one knows, but I fear that we're about to find out.