District captains speak, Part II

As a Republican district captain in Arapahoe County, I’d offer a different perspective from the lament of fellow captain Carl Bonnett. Infrastructure: I disagree with the premise that technology or infrastructure is missing because other districts/counties have technology and infrastructure. That said, just because these are in place doesn’t mean anything will come of it. I liken this to painting a house. You can build the infrastructure (scaffolding), spending time attempting to make it steady, strong, and connected. But, if you don’t ever paint the house; what have you accomplished? It’s not about the scaffolding, it’s about the execution.

Leadership: I offer kudos to District Captains and Precinct Leaders who worked very hard to lead in their stewardship. For example, many District Captains who spent their own money to host precinct leader informational and training meetings, etc. Many sent emails and made phone calls to motivate and inspire precinct leaders. Some drove from house to house to deliver calling/walking lists to those who struggle with technology.

There were countless Precinct Leaders who embraced their leadership responsibility by “walking and dropping” for the party, and “walking and knocking” for campaigns. Both District Captains and Precinct Leaders reached out to their respective area campaigns to help and support the candidates. So, there were many in leadership positions who spent hours and money in an effort to elect our candidates.

As for our State and County leaders…I’m not going to throw them under the bus because I haven’t walked in their shoes. Could they have done more or executed better? I’ll let them answer these questions; they are honest and integrious. If mistakes or misjudgments were made, they’ll own up to it, even if it’s by silent resignation.

Excluding voters: We must reach out to all groups and peoples with our conservative message. Targeting groups isn’t necessary if our message is well stated and consistent. If we are true to the truth and articulate to the word, they will come back.

Summary: Republican losses should be attributed the party being held accountable by the voters. We screwed up. We lost their faith. We deserved to lose. That said, we don’t need a new widget, because our ‘product’ isn’t the problem. The ‘widget’, our mainstay conservative principles, is still sound and applicable to our day and times. Our principles have value, meaning, and are rooted in divine and inalienable rights. We have the right message.

Our challenges lie in keeping our integrity to the message and to our conservative principles. To all elected officials, candidates and future leaders…you want to wear a name badge on your chest announcing your elected office? Be sure you provide the armor of honesty and integrity to protect the heart of the faithful who put trust in your words.