High price of emotionalism

Tiger Woods was asked about the election on CNBC. He said emotionally that if his dad had lived to see it, “he would have cried.” Certainly, no one will be hit harder than Tiger Woods with the forthcoming redistributive tax policies. But it doesn’t seem to matter. The Presidential election of 2008 has been racist. A “person of color” elected to the White House will somehow expunge “white guilt”, a guilt upon which civil rights groups have capitalized for the last 50 years. Possibly, the country now will “get over it” and will make the Jesse Jackson’s of the world irrelevant. But we will see.

The expectations upon the President Elect are extraordinarily high:

* Hard left groups that worked so hard to get him elected are demanding payback in the form of destroying the groups they are convinced are preventing the establishment of their vision of a Socialist “heaven on earth”. But refuting obsolescent Socialist Theology is out of place here.

* Minorities are demanding the fulfillment of the promise of “Equality” in the form of a substantial redistribution of wealth. The figure bantered about is the $845 billion over 10 years for “Reparations for Slavery”. If we estimate that black people constitute 12% of a 360 million population, this would amount to $1950 a year for 10 years for every black person in the country. Whether such an amount would lift inner city spend thrifts out of poverty or merely trigger an annual flurry of consumer spending is debatable.

* The Leftist elite believe the struggle with Islam is a creation of George Bush. They expect the “War on Terror” to go away after negotiations with the various Rogue states and Terrorist Organizations, and want to cut back the DHS and the DOD. Yet anyone familiar with Foundational Islamic Theology would understand why a cessation of hostilities is unlikely.

We can only pray that as the disappointments come, we don’t pay a price in millions of lives.