Discouragement isn't an option

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"Talk me down off the ledge," a veteran Republican warrior moaned over lunch. He's not the first to page Dr. Positive for a morale transfusion since the big Obama sweep. Take heart, the doctor is in, as Peanuts used to assure us. Backbone Radio is your one-stop political dispensary this Sunday. Stop in for the needed dose. No patient refused, no insurance required. Lawrence Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, wrote last week on our blog that if you're really committed to liberty and love this country, discouragement is simply not an option. He's so right. "What must we now do?" -- not why me, poor me -- is the only constructive response for Americans with backbone.

Charles Kesler, an associate of the late Bill Buckley and editor of the Claremont Review, suggests in the current issue that the President-elect's audacity for "transformation" is so sharply at variance with our founding principles, it must in time arouse patriotic resistance and damage him politically. With due respect to the office, we should work to hasten that time.

** Charles Kesler and Lawrence Reed will be among my guests on our Nov. 16 show.

** We'll also talk with former Supreme Court clerk Allyson Ho about Obama's upcoming judicial appointments... and with civil rights crusader Ward Connerly about his near-miss on the Colorado ballot.

** Plus Mark Hillman, former state senator and treasurer, now Republican National Committeeman, with his perspective on how conservatives get back on offense for 2009 policy battles and the 2010 election.

Discouragement, a wise man once said, is disappointed self-will. And self-will, say I, is unworthy of responsible grownups like us. So let's pull up our socks and get on with the counter-revolution. Step one, tune in Sunday night.

Yours for a non-transformed America, JOHN ANDREWS