High-level delusions about Islam

The New York Times has done it again, how many times now? A scoop about our war with the jihadists endangers American lives. Editors piously cite "the public's right to know." Never mind national security, or for that matter national survival. This time it was a Nov. 9 story headlined "Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda." It’s easy to guess the mechanism at work: Progressives in the State Department leak information to Times reporters. State Dept Officials believe it is their duty to hold “this irresponsible war monger right wing President in check” with strategic embarrassing leaks, of which this latest is only one of many. The President, defeated and dispirited, does nothing.

The State Department is of the “Academic School” for the study of Islam. They study Islamic art, architecture, literature and poetry, maybe the obsolescent Medinan Suras. They do NOT study Jihad, nor can they predict Islamic behavior except as a reaction to the West (the “blame America First” position). This is the school as taught in most of the Islamic Studies Centers at the major Universities, and funded by the Saudis. It is the study of Islam as done by the “Dhimmis”, the semi-slave non-Muslims who have already submitted to Islam.

If American society and Western Civilization are to survive, there must be some “change” in this regard, although we are not likely to find any change for the better with the incoming administration. An obvious step is to convert the “Academic” school to the “Foundational School”.

The Foundational School studies the SAME foundational documents of Islam as the believers themselves! This means not only the Qu’ran, but the “The Hadiths”, or the “Sayings of Mohammad” and the “Sira”, “The life of Mohammad”, the perfect man whom we all must emulate, (but I will pass on the 9 year old wife).

The Foundational School CAN predict Islamic behavior by understanding the Theology that drives them! This is the key to understanding political Islam. And by the way, there is no difference between religious and political Islam, as the Islamics themselves will tell you. When the Imams preach “Death to America and Death to the Jews” in their houses of worship, it gives us a very good reason to treat Islam as a political movement and not allow them to hide behind the veil of religion.

The Foundational School also studies the full history of Jihad and its victims, some 270 million killed over the centuries. It is the School of “The Kafirs”, the “hated ones” who have NOT submitted to Islam!

Once the State Department converts to the Foundational School, and gets rid of their Wahabbist translators that are keeping them blind to true Islamic intentions, possibly their instinct for survival will kick in and America will have a chance.