Jihadist theology torched Mumbai

After the Islamic terror attacks in Mumbai, we can expect another flood of drivel trying to pin the "cause" of terrorism on Marxist economic causality: the marginalized Islamic community and their economic stress, etc. This implies that terrorism can be quenched with more handouts. That this is nonsense is exemplified by the attacks on Glasgow Airport in the summer of 2007. The seven physicians who conducted the attack worked for the British National Health Service! So much for terror being caused by economics.

The real cause of terrorism is Islamic theology. The objective here was to impose Shari'a Law on all of India, making the subcontinent part of "Dar Al Islam" instead of "Dar Al Harb". To be precise, terrorism is the tactic, Jihad, Holy War, is what they are conducting. This is a religious obligation of all believers! It has NOTHING TO DO with economics.

It’s time the American people stopped deluding themselves. The attacks in Mumbai weren’t acts of “criminals and thugs” or “the forces of evil” or “terrorists”: they were acts of Islamic Jihad.

Jihad is one. Whether it’s a truck bomb in Baghdad, an ambush in Afghanistan, a bombing in Indonesia, or taxi drivers refusing to carry women and alcohol at the Minneapolis airport, every act is part of the 1000 year struggle to establish Shari’a Law world-wide, and to subjugate every man, woman and child on earth.

We need to call it for what it is, even if the Saudi lobbyists withhold a few million, or CAIR squawks bloody murder .(and they know lots about bloody murder do they not? Notice how silent they and the rest of the Islamic community have been on Mumbai.)

How can we win this struggle when it is politically incorrect even to name the real enemy? How can our society survive when we are in denial as to the real nature of the threat? How many more millions have to die?