Ghost of Al Capone

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"Sweet Home Chicago," the blues number that Mike Huckabee and his pickup band did on TV last weekend, is not the song in Barack Obama's heart today. The President-elect no sooner got some relief from the courts on his birth-certificate problem than hometown bad actors Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and, worst of all, Rod Blagojevich began heating up the headlines.

The Blago tapes make Nixon's profanity sound like a monastery and Al Capone's criminality look petty. On top of a raft of graft and the crudeness of a thug, there were wacky delusions of grandeur. Wiretaps recorded Hot Rod fantasizing about first succeeding Obama in the Senate this year, then following him to the presidency in 2016. Sheesh.

Even if we assume the Illinois governor's solicitation of a bribe for selecting Barack's replacement doesn't criminally taint the latter -- and prosecutors have suggested nothing to the contrary -- this is a huge headache for him, and really the last thing the country needs right now.

It comes of the media coronating, rather than investigating, the charismatic Democrat these past two years. Now America has this kind of thing on our hands; and there will be plenty more like it.

** I'll talk about this and all the news on Sunday's show with columnist and author Michelle Malkin... and with Dr. Larry Arnn, Hillsdale College president and Churchill scholar.

** Historian and economist Burton Folsom, also from Hillsdale, will analyze the Bush-Obama recession response in the context of his new book on the 1930s, "New Deal or Raw Deal?"

** Plus pastor and radio host Gino Geraci, as well as Michael Kanner, a national-security conservative (huh?) who teaches at CU-Boulder.

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