With 12 days till Christmas

Last night the Backbone Radio audience was subjected to some wretched holiday doggerel performed by Kathleen LeCrone and me. Mercifully the composition was recited, for the most part, rather than sung. Without waiting for popular demand, we hereby provide you the lyrics. Aren't they an improvement on the timeworn leaping lords, French hens, partridges and pear trees?

If you can improve further on what's here, by all means post a comment.

With 12 days till Christmas, my listeners gave to me…

12 Looney liberals

11 Forwarded emails

10 Obama bumper stickers

9 Palin tee shirts

8 Limbaugh coffee mugs

7 Carbon footprints

6 Wall Street bailouts

5 Electoral College diplomas

4 Regifted neckties

3 Hybrid vehicles

2 Democrats named Clinton

… And one newborn baby in the manger!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from all of us at Backbone Radio and BackboneAmerica.net.

John, Kathleen, Matt, Krista, Joshua, Karen, Matt, and Joan