Beware of cheap gasoline prices

Remember this past summer when gasoline and diesel prices were paralyzing the country? Liberal acquaintances and relatives of mine were screaming that, as usual, it was entirely the fault of Bush/Cheney. After all, they both are oil barons, on the receiving end of bucket loads of money at our expense, right? These same folks were completely unmoved a couple weeks before the election when a very select few media sources released the Obama statements that anybody could go ahead and build a coal energy plant if they chose, but he'd bankrupt them with taxes and regulation. A few people talked about the devastation such an energy policy would create---trickle down job losses in trucking, railroad, etc. (similar to what we hear now about the auto industry). There was no outrage or debate in the halls of Congress. Unfortunately, the top leadership of the coal and electric industries did not race to microphones to plead with the American people to stop the coming doom. If my memory serves me correctly, I did not hear any labor union executives speaking out about pending loss of jobs and benefits. Instead, we witnessed another crucial element that in a normal cycle would have turned the election.

Fuel prices are back to a reasonable, and for most, a quite comfortable place. But as many of our fellow citizens are explaining this away as the market reaction to the ousting of the Bush Administration, I fear we are being lulled into a false sense of euphoria in terms of what we pay at the pump.

Post-election, have you noticed the TV commercials on energy? All of them are in compliance, of course, with Sen. Obama's 'energy policy'. There's a crusty old fellow supposedly from Tuscon, Arizona, touting wind and solar, and using folksy rhetoric such as, "God's green acre". Clearly, his message is directed toward the pick-up truck, hick types that according to liberals, aren't smart enough to just quietly follow all phases of the progressive movement in lockstep. This commerical was produced not just to keep momentum going about alternative energy, but it clearly wants to debunk Sarah Palin and the "Drill, Baby, Drill" crowd. They attempt to propagandize us into the belief that real, card-carrying rednecks are onboard for wind and solar. The gentleman in the commercial does everything but tell us, "Fossil fuels are going to heck in a hand basket, don't ya know?"

Another commercial I've seen frequently is the one about clean coal. Viewers are taken on a 'tour' of a clean coal production plant, which is simply barren land with nothing happening on it except the growth of sage brush. Again, this is a slam toward any of us moron's who would like to see the production of clean coal increased. The 'progressive' viewers probably are loving these examples of Hollywood production brillance. Since these commercials are very expensive to put on the air, and since they reflect perfectly the policies of the incoming administration, dare we ask who is behind the funding? There are websites given quickly at the end and you can visit them and read a little bit about the organization, but the bottom line remains---who is really behind the funding?

Current gas prices are a luxury. Congress and the new president seek to gain complete control of Detroit and the automaking industry. They will renew off-shore drilling bans, probably come January (look for that as part of the "First 100 Days" phrase Pelosi loves to use). There will be no exploration, coal mining will be decreased, not increased, the new president will likely carry through on another campaign relevation of having our electricity 'skyrocket', and more. The New, New Deal says nothing about building nuclear plants to get us moving quicker toward cleaner and increased electricity, yet we are all supposed to go buy an electric car as soon as they are mass produced.

Energy independence as defined by the 'moronic' group of which I am a proud member, would mean aggressively going after our massives amounts of coal and oil to sustain our energy needs, and at the same time, integrating alternatives as they become affordable and reliable. I fear the plan is to greatly restrict any fossil fuel usage while we wait for alternatives to come on line. The result would be a vast decrease in commerce and industry. Our way of life would change dramatically and a once great nation would be not just hobbled, but incapacitated. What would our government do without the huge tax receipts from the evil oil companies? If the oil industry is burdened with more and more tax and regulation, they will go the way of the American auto makers.

There are many among us that are full of hope, but I'm more fearful than anything. I foresee $4.00 gallon gasoline again, possibly higher, sooner than later. Don't be fooled into thinking that the federal government is not concerned about the decrease in gas taxes that are a result of this drop in the price of oil. Low gas prices with subsequent freedom to travel, take a job further away from home, etc., are not options the Congressional leadership and incoming administration want we morons to enjoy.

If fossil fuel powered cars are going to soon be a part of the past, and the average family can't afford a pricey electric car, the result will be we either don't go anywhere or we take public transportation. That works if you live in a city where that is available and if government-run transportation happens to go where you need it to go. As the theme song in another commercial goes, "What kind of world do you want.........?"