Now for an apology from MSM

The Iraqi journalist that threw his shoes at President Bush is now apologizing . Apparently, the blessings of freedom of speech and liberty are sinking in and he realizes that had he done the same before brave American soldiers liberated his country from a despicable tyrant, he'd have likely been shot on site and perhaps, his family rounded up and tortured and/or killed, as well. Now if we could only get American journalists to follow suit and realize their exploitation of this act has diminished them, as does much they say and do these days. No sitting president should be mocked and teased and ridiculed by our media when an act of complete disrespect and possible danger is launched.

Entertainment Tonight, Extra, late night variety shows and all the major networks should be ashamed of their coverage. Time to apologize for being un-American, and as petty and pathetic as any junior high kid caught in an act of harassing another student.