Elway for Senate! Looking at NY, why not?

Gov. Ritter has asked Coloradans for their opinions and suggestions as to who should replace Sen. Ken Salazar now that Obama has given him a Cabinet position in thanks for delivering Colorado. My suggestion would be to try and recruit Colorado's favorite son, John Elway. Political experience? No, but then that isn't really a resume builder these days (unless you are Sarah Palin). We are sending a man to the presidency with little relevant experience.

Caroline Kennedy will likely assume a Senate seat with again, little relevant experience. She has worked in fundraising for New York public schools but my guess is that her own children attended private schools. She has written about the Constitution (many of us can claim to have done that). Beyond name recognition, she doesn't bring experience.

Gov. Palin was routed by the liberals and MSM due to 'lack of experience'. Clearly, we've moved past that requirement now, so why shouldn't Colorado appoint a strong candidate that also happens to not have political experience?

John Elway, and other Coloradans have much to offer in terms of service to our state. John knows how to take a hit and get back up; he knows how to come from behind to win the game; he is widely recognizable and popular among all age groups and has that Obama-like star quality. He has a keen business awareness and exceptional leadership abilities. Absurd? Maybe, and maybe he has no interest at all in serving the public in this way.

But let's be clear, the future of the Republican Party in Colorado must rely on somebody like John Elway, if not him. We need youth, charisma, devotion to conservative ideals, and a vigor and enthusiasm that we have not been seeing. We need people that carry in no political baggage and we need people that can do speaking engagements at colleges and universities and draw huge crowds. We need people that can articulate what we stand for, what we can do for our country and why values and ethics still matter. We need a popular candidate that has widespread appeal and proven record of getting the job done.

You may have a better idea. If so, please get it to the Governor soon. We conservatives likely will be wasting ink, as it's predestined that a good, Obama-supporting liberal will get the nod. But he did ask for suggestions, after all.