Better messenger needed

The GOP's problem is the message, some say. For others the party is too conservative, or too religious. Still others say we've abandoned the party's principles, and gone soft inside the halls of power. A fair amount of energy has gone into the post mortem of the 2008 elections, a lot of angst and blame, handwringing and blame. Did I mention blame? Well it probably deserves to be mentioned twice. But so much effort has gone into this already that I feel compelled to offer something different, something more... hip.

The problem it seems to me is that the republican party lacks an appropriate standard bearer. Senator McCain ran as a maverick - but for a good number of reasons, he was more of a renegade: he was out of touch with his party, the voters and the general mood of the country. He was for change too, and "I'm just like the other guy - but older and not as cool" is not a winning slogan.

The principles of conservatism, and the Republican party are as applicable today as they were in 1980, the last time we had a party leader that put forward policy and principle in a vision for America's greatness that captured public imaginations.

Republicans need someone who can articulate - effectively and positively why our solutions work. Leave behind for the moment that the other guy's ideas are empty change for change sake and find someone who can clearly and positively express to America why smaller government, strong families, a strong nation and individual liberty.

Don't get me wrong, there is more work to be done to revive Republicanism than merely finding a new voice for old solutions. Americans need to know how, Republicans will address the burning topics of today - and we need to go beyond the lower taxes platforms of yesteryear (and the 2008 elections)-- we need to be for policies that work, that open doors and opportunity for all, that address important questions like health care access, better infrastructure and retirement security.

That can be done - but we need a face that can embodies change, and honesty, and a vision for America's future. We need all that, and the integrity and responsibility to back it up.