Vote for Man of the Year

Who showed the most backbone in 2008? That's our criterion for man or woman of the year. Take the poll today, right here. Yes, we know that Time magazine already made Barack Obama its person of the year. For political appeal and oratorical gifts translating into momentary impact on the world, he deserves it.

But we at Backbone America now invite you to vote your favorite on a different basis -- the individual's lasting impact on human betterment resulting from fidelity to truth and right. In a word, character or backbone.

Cast your vote in the comment block at the foot of this page. It could be someone prominent in the past year's news, someone you think is a rising star with potential for great impact in years to come, or someone whose lifetime achievement was highlighted this year, perhaps by their passing.

In the latter category were Alexander Solzhenitsyn, William F. Buckley, Paul Weyrich, and Charlton Heston. Top newsmakers included John McCain, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Bobby Jindal. Some might choose the outgoing president, George W. Bush. Or a figure of world eminence like Pope Benedict or Lady Thatcher. We're bound to get some joke nominations, for which I won't even tempt you with suggestions here.

The above names are just examples. Voting is open to anyone you choose. Variety is encouraged.

Use the comment block below to give us your Man or Woman of the Year nomination, more than one if you like, with a few words telling why. We'll tally and publicize the results early in January. Thanks for taking part, and best wishes for the New Year.