Readers poll: Who was great in 2008?

Backbone Americans far prefer Palin or Bush over Time's Person of the Year, Barack Obama. Voting continues, just a click away. Out of a wide-ranging list of nominees from our thousands of friends, Gov. Sarah Palin leads all contenders for Woman of the Year. President George W. Bush is the other top vote-getter for Man of the Year so far.

To vote, click here and use the comment block. Balloting closes 1/4/09.

The wide interests and lively imagination of Backbone Americans are evidenced by the ever-growing breadth of our list. Other nominees receiving multiple votes (shown alphabetically, not by ranking) included:

Armed Forces Personnel Douglas Bruce Dick Cheney Vaclav Klaus Ron Paul David Petraeus Police & Firefighters Alexander Solzhenitsyn Robert Spencer Rick Warren

Single votes have also been cast for the following:

Chuck Baldwin William F. Buckley Jim Bunning Saxby Chambliss Tom Coburn Constitution & Bill of Rights Dinesh D’Souza Anthony Flew Fernando Flores Bobby Jindal Mort Marks John McCain Millennial Generation Albert Mohler Paul Newman Henry Paulson Putin & Medvedev Ronald Reagan Natan Sharansky Tony Snow Tom Tancredo Peter Wallison John Walsh Oprah Winfrey