Confronting the Hamas death cult

Six-year-olds in Gaza yearning to be suicide bombers? This and other horrors were confronted at the Rally for Israel which took place at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver last night, January 5. There were between 400 and 500 people in attendance. The Deputy Counsel of Israel flew in from Los Angeles to address the audience. He asked some very good questions of Hamas, such as: * Why did they destroy the green houses turned over to them in August 2005? The Israelis had made millions exporting vegetables to the EU! It would have meant jobs and income for the Palestinians. Yet within one week, the greenhouses were trashed!

* When education is so vital to building a modern economy, why do their schools concentrate on memorizing medieval Islamic texts and teaching their toddlers that Jews are "apes and pigs"? If this is Islamic "education", is it any wonder that most Islamic countries are economic basket cases?

* Why is it that when you ask any 6 year old in Gaza what he wants to be when he grows up it's to be a "Shaeen" (a successful suicide bomber )?

* Why are the Palestinian people living in squalor and raw sewage, scavaging in garbage dumps for food, yet their leadership either steals the international aid funds or uses them to purchase military hardware? (Predictably, the liberal press shows such conditions and blames it on the Israelis!)

Interesting point: one of the demonstrators was carrying a sign that read "Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword". The demonstrator wasignorant of the fact that this is from the New Testament, not from HebrewScripture! And this from a sign carried in front of the Hebrew Educational Alliance!

Other signs decried "Stop the Massacre" ignoring the fact there is none, and ignoring the 6,000 rockets indiscriminately lobbed into Israeli communities nearby over the last 3 years. The demonstrator's sign applies aptly to Hamas.

If the "Progressives" are REALLY concerned for the welfare of the Palestinian people, they should be thinking about installing a government who cares about their welfare instead of one that focuses on medieval Jihad and the Destruction of Israel. The world needs to start educating Palestinian children for the 21st Century, not the 7th.

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