Panetta at CIA = Carter deja vu

Remember the Gilbert and Sullivan song: “So landlubbers all, wherever you may be, if you want to rise to the top of the tree, stick close to your desks and never go to sea, and you all may be rulers of the Queen’s Navy!” This was written in the 1860s just after the British government of the time appointed some political hack as Secretary of the Navy.

Does this not apply to Mr Panetta, who has no intelligence experience, and this at a critical time in the war with Jihadists?

We can expect his politically correct bias to impose new restrictions, like Harding’s Secretary of State who shut down the post World War I code-breaking operations, stating “Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail!”

Maybe Mr. Panetta will require our obtaining Osama Bin Laden’s endorsement prior to our taking any actions? After all, we don’t want these “victimized” Islamist groups to feel marginalized!

Rather than being the new FDR, President-elect Obama is showing himself more and more Carter-esque!