Return to values

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If you like visionary liberalism, Thursday provided a double dose. Barack Obama spoke on his remedy for the recession, which resulted in a down-tick in the Dow and a Washington Post headline stating, "Obama bets big on big government." Meanwhile in Denver, Bill Ritter addressed the state with his 2009 agenda, asking legislators to "set aside partisan politics and work together as Coloradans" on goals with a decidedly Democratic flavor. Another instance when bipartisanship seems to mean Republicans caving in.

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** Bob Beauprez, former congressman, Ritter's GOP opponent in 2006 and potentially again in 2010, joins me to talk about his new book, "A Return to Values: A Conservative Looks at His Party."

** Jim Gilchrist, Minutemen leader and a tireless advocate for secure borders, reports on the latest trends in immigration patterns, the policy outlook under Obama, and the pardons Bush has or hasn't granted.

** Dr. Neil Dobro, an organizer of Americans Against Terrorism and one of Colorado's strongest voices against jihad, brings a report on the 2pm Sunday downtown rally for Israel's self-defense against Hamas.

** Plus analysis from two of our regular contributors, David Harsanyi of the Denver Post and former education commissioner Bill Moloney, who now writes for

Visionary liberalism is way overrated. Hazardous to your health, in fact. I'll take principled conservatism any day. We need not just a return to values, but a rededication to the self-evident truths America was founded on. That's the reason for this radio show. Join us.

Yours for the Republic, JOHN ANDREWS