Three threats to our liberties from BHO

After considering Obama's campaign promises and policy statements, one can make these disturbing prognostications. They are related and inescapable if we are to believe what the President-elect and Democratic Leadership claim as their goals. I believe them. Number 1. Criminalize fee for service. Universal health care has implications and consequences that are seen and unseen. Adding the claimed 47 million "uninsured" to our non-emergency system will dictate rationing of care and when any service is rationed, wealth and power work to over come the ration. Politicians will not participate in the rationing of care so only wealth will remain as an alternative mechanism. Prevention of that option requires that the government criminalize the acquisition of medical services by those with the ability to pay. As soon as universal health care is crafted by Congress, hidden within will be the end of American medical excellence.

Number 2. When President Obama signs into law the rebuilding of our nation's interstate highway system he will include a user fee technology that will tax all private cars based upon highway miles and mpg. The case will be made that global climate change and auto industry bailout mandates dramatic action to change our methods of travel and private automobile use. Technology will give the Federal government the option of tracking every mile of interstate highway and transferring a tax statement to private car on the system. Gone will be the free movement of Americans across our own land.

Number 3. Global warming is a fraud. It is not happening. Debate would demonstrate that but the forces of President Obama will foresware any and all debate. They will claim debate has been heard and time is now. Carbon Cap and Trade will be installed. With that Federal mandate, 5 million new "green" jobs will be required as union employees and they will be a voting block directly attached to the fraud of green house gas. With 5 million additional votes there will be no option for coming national elections. The governing class will be forever installed.