Nanny state has you covered

The Lofgren Family Carbon Monoxide Safety Act, now pending before the Colorado House, has emotional power because of the four Lofgrens' recent death in a borrowed house in Aspen. Of course we feel for their loss and wish to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Monoxide killed some friends of mine in their mountain condo years ago, and almost killed my wife's family when she was a child. We have monoxide detectors in our house. But I still say no to this mandatory detector bill for newly built homes or older ones being resold. If you legislate by anecdote, the lawbooks will soon overflow as liberty and personal responsibility are smothered with nannyism. If the bill addressed public accommodations such as hotels, and left private homeowners to make their own safety provisions, I might be receptive. But it does just the opposite, as today's Post reports.

This is the same mentality that had Gov. Bill Ritter saying in his State of the State last week, "We'll be introducing legislation with Representative Merrifield and Senator Carroll requiring that all new single-family homes come with a "solar-ready" option. Today, homebuyers already have choices when it comes to countertops, paint colors and flooring. People should have similar options when it comes to sustainability."

Another example is Sen.-designate Bennet saying "we have an opportunity to reinvent" the auto industry, where "we" means Congress -- as noted by Vince Carroll in the Rocky today.

Be it safety or energy, the liberals will always find an excuse to inject government coercion between freely choosing buyers and sellers. Uncle Sam becomes Mr. Mom and we're all children on the apron strings.