State Senate & House contact info

Colorado's citizen legislature, with session limits, lean staffing, and offices in the Capitol itself, enhances accessibility for you and me. Following up our Jan. 15 radio special, "Under the Dome: Legislative Preview 2009," here's a quick reference for Democrat and Republican leaders in this year's General Assembly. It meets until early May.

Senate President: Sen. Peter Groff 303-866-3342,

Senate President Pro Tem: Sen. Betty Boyd 303-866-4857,

Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Brandon Shaffer 303-866-5291,

Senate Minority Leader: Sen. Josh Penry 303-866-3077,

Senate Asst. Minority Leader: Sen. Greg Brophy 303-866-6360,


Speaker of the House: Rep. Terrance Carroll 303-866-2909,

Speaker Pro Tem: Rep. Kathleen Curry 303-866-2945,

House Majority Leader: Rep. Paul Weissmann 303-866-2920,

House Minority Leader: Rep. Mike May 303-866-5523,

House Asst. Minority Leader: Rep. David Balmer 303-866-2935,


A full directory of all 100 members, committee assignments, and status of bills, is online at