Is this a movie?

Barack Obama said this week that this inauguration is not about him.  He's right.  Rather, it's about another huge influx of cash into our political system by donors, foreign and domestic, that have a clear vision for this country.  It's not about him, but he happened to have some of the qualities such as charisma and the gift of eloquence that enticed and seduced the money machines and high-powered  liberals enough to make them want to knight him as The One.  As they say, always follow the money.  Once Barack Obama's handlers decided he should go back on his word (That used to be a sacred contract in this country--guys like Abe Lincoln really bought into it.) on campaign financing, Mr. Obama was able to attract $740.6 million to his campaign.  In keeping his word, John McCain and the incredibly weak, inept campaign system behind him, had only $81.4 million to spend.  Follow the money.  It was never going to be much of a contest. 

Remember what the Democrats did with some of that $740.6 million?  They spent it on flash and pizazz and propaganda.  "Yes We Can" still resonates throughout the country.  In a CBS commercial, CBS is asking if they can put out a prime time line-up that you'll want to watch.  They answer for you with, "Yes We Can".  Pepsi is using the mantra to boost sales and the beat, along with the Pepsi Generation, goes on.  If the ongoing drum beat is getting on your nerves, the mute button works well.  What we can't unfortunately tune out is rhetoric of the RINO's such as Lindsey Graham sitting at the right hand of The One, saying he thinks all the Cabinet picks are going to be just fine and other pathetic ramblings.  Sen. Graham and his cohorts in the Senate are useful idiots in this Hollywood production we are calling an Inauguration and new administration.  They aren't just joining the "Yes We Can" chant, they've taken it to the next level with "Yes We Must"!

Speaking of Hollywood, this entire scenario may one day make a great movie.  Only in our dreams would we see situations like Mrs. Clinton sitting in confirmation hearings and telling the country that her husband is going to continue to accept funding for his projects, no matter the source, no matter the possible conflict of interest.  In that steely Hillary tone,  you'll do what I say.  End of subject.    Only in a movie would they trot out Sandy Berger to talk about how great things are going to be.  He is the only person likely to have ever stolen and destroyed documents from the National Archives and isn't sitting in a prison in Canon City.  He's another cast member that we should love and overlook his pesky little bad habits.  

Only in a movie would the American taxpayer be sold a bill of goods that if we don't pony up and bail out Wall Street, the world will end.  We would then go on to see those same companies use some of our money to help make Inauguration '09 a wonderful, extravagant success, and nary a CEO ever hauled up before a Congressional hearing panel to answer for their misconduct.  Only in a movie would the media buy into the hype to such a degree that cable stations are having celebratory countdowns this weekend much like they have on New Year's Eve.  It could not be believed except in a movie that labor unions that would not budge on any compromise in order to 'save' the auto industry, did in fact, have millions just months earlier to send to Mr. Obama's campaign.  

It would have to be a comedy plot for the First Couple's favorite cheesecake, Eli's in Chicago,  to spend 7 days and use 200 employees to bake and deliver a 1000 pound cake for the Inauguration when the same couple campaigned on redistribution of wealth and everybody having to have 'skin in the game'---what about the poor and starving only a few blocks away in D.C.?  Are they getting their fair share of cheesecake?  Crooks and cronies and people that forget to pay their taxes will occupy the highest seats of power in the land.  Watergate is starting to look like a segment on Sesame Street.  Only in a movie would the majority vote be persuaded by sit com and late night TV humor.  It's a movie plot, all right.  A real blockbuster.

The campaign that had unlimited resources for TV ads and spectacular productions (remember the convention in Denver?) now has obvious continued support.  Labor unions are paying big money to put out TV ads to push the card-check system.  We see actors and actresses that appear to represent the hardest working among us, imploring us with their soulful eyes to please get on board with the new administration and allow card-check to advance upon us in the quiet of night.  We aren't supposed to read or contemplate the countless written reports and even Congressional testimony about employees being harassed and badgered at work by union 'persuaders'.  Just like nationalized healthcare will be the savior for American industry, card-check is the icing on the cake.  Just sit there in front of your TV and be mezmerized and seduced by these commercials.  Hollywood is entrenched once again in the propagandizing of many and driving the political policy of a country that has more interest in Miley, Angelina and Britney than it has in addressing tough challenges and staying on course.

What are you going to do on Tuesday?  I know that I am not going to glue myself to the 24 hour coverage of the Inauguration.  I won't be able to stand the sight of Oprah and Hollywood trying to pretend for a day that they are true blue Americans in the spirit of Abe Lincoln and the Founding Fathers.  Every single Hollywood liberal that's vocal has trashed their country up one side and down the other, both here and abroad.  Kinda like only going to church on Christmas and Easter.  We aren't supposed to judge but you have to wonder where the commitment and sincerity really are.  The Democrats will party heartily, laughing at the Right all the way till morning.  I will fly my American flag on Tuesday, not because I celebrate the excess and hype, but in memory of what once was, and what may be again if our fellow citizens ever tire of the double standards and start thinking again with some real discernment. 

I wish the Obama's safety and happiness and I certainly hope their children are protected from the glitter of the media and have reasonably normal childhoods in the White House.  The country is eager to focus now on style and fashion, anything cool and hip and very much outside the norm of what we typically see in the White House.  We've got ourselves a really cool president to lead us at a time when we may want to put aside terrorism and financial threats to our country.  If as the song says, "It's hip to be square," then I've found my niche for the next four years. 

I won't watch all the glamour and fuss that is being made now and will endure through at least Wednesday.  I'll be one of the square ones, quietly writing to the GOP Congressmen in Washington that really are doing great work.  They deserve our encouragement.  I'll write searing letters to the RINO's in the Senate that need to find other work. 

While on the subject of movies, since there's so much talk about President Lincoln these days, I recommend you watch the old movie, "Shenandoah" starring Jimmy Stewart, who played a farmer named Anderson.  We surely could use some Mr. Anderson's right about now, but in real life, not in a movie.