Keep the change, Mr. President

Will Obama deliver on his oft-repeated promise of “change"? Probably not, and let's hope not. For one thing, his chosen team largely recreates that muddled, discredited Clinton administration. Recall that officials of Clinton’s administration initiated the unsound Freddie/Fanny loan policy that brought us the current mortgage crisis. Similarly, Obama’s “new New Deal” gravely threatens America’s injured economy. As explained by economics professor Thomas DiLorenzo, FDR’s New Deal substantially worsened and prolonged the Great Depression. Applying those failed Big Government concepts to today’s crisis makes no sense. When a scheme doesn’t work, you don’t repeat it.

You’re smarter than that. The Dems apparently aren’t.

Big Government cannot promote a healthy, thriving economy. What the “nanny state” offers is theft disguised as “redistributing the wealth” by which the deceptive nannyists mean taking your hard-earned income, keeping or wasting most of it, and doling out a pathetic pittance to recipients of their choice.

If you believe that you deserve the earnings of your bright ideas and plain hard work, you must equally uphold that for others as well. In his first inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson stated, “… a wise government … shall not take from … labor the bread it has earned.”

Jefferson illuminated another severe flaw in Clinton/Obama nannyism. By its very nature, Big Government is a profound insult to every one of us. We are, according to the nannyists, too stupid to formulate sensible decisions. By definition, nannyists deem us inferior. Jefferson described “two parties: Those who … distrust the people and want to draw all powers from them … [and those] who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them….”

So, after all, we will all be better off if Obama’s oft-promised “change” doesn’t materialize. We don’t need a repetition of Dems’ insulting and economically destructive nannyist policies.