We all want to change the world

That line from a Beatles tune keeps coming to mind as we observe not only the inauguration of a president, but the ushering in of an entire cultural revolution, a new heart throb, super jock, and teen idol to swoon over; a new rock star that storms onto center stage. "You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world."

More importantly, the media and Hollywood have now found religion.  They have witnessed the birth of their savior, and they are aglow with born-again fever.

I watched the introductions of dignitaries onto the inaugural platform, the swearing-in and the speech yesterday.  In the land of Hopeandchange, I was highly disappointed that Mr. Obama has not yet groomed his troops in proper etiquette and appropriate conduct during a historical moment.  His adoring fans that boo-ed both President and Laura Bush, their daughters and the Cheney family should really be educated so as not to tarnish that all-inclusive love fest atmosphere that is to surround our president. 

The speech did not inspire me, but then, this is the first president I can remember that has not reached out much at all to those that did not vote for him and do not support many of his policies.  Usually, a bone is thrown out to the tune of, "You may not have voted for me, but today, I'm your president, too, and I am here to serve you and listen to you, as well."  President Obama does not have to acknowledge the millions that did not support him during the election.  He dismisses us as insignificant, irrelevant and part of the past.  We are the group he referred to in his speech when he said "the ground has shifted" beneath our feet. We can either find our footing, which is squarely behind him in all things, or prepare to be ignored.

Critics are talking about the aggressive agenda President Obama has for his first days in office.  They say he's taking on more than he can manage in the early going.  While he may have more directives than he can get accomplished in a short while, you can't blame him for trying.  After all, he's at cruising altitude with a nice tail wind in perfectly clear skies and fantastic flying weather.  Why would he not seize those ideal conditions?  With an adoring media, mind-boggling amounts of money sitting at the ready to fund advertising to promote his agenda, he has the most friendly, conducive climate to achieve his goals of any incoming president. 

The youth vote takes much credit for electing their new pop culture hero.  Dick Morris made a statement recently that should prompt the Republican party to sit up and take notice and start sharpening their communication skills.  Morris stated that Obama will be able to push through much of his agenda by simply text messaging his supporters.  Obama's theme yesterday was that he needs his supporters now to help him bring about change.   Translation:  "Congress and the general public may not back me up, so I'll need you guys to make lots of noise to help push things through."  He'll reach out to his voters, asking them to contact their representatives in Washington each time he hits a roadblock in Congress or with dissenters in general.  Washington listens to massive input from voters--they want to keep their jobs.

Young people think its very cool to get an instant message from the guy they voted into office.  Using technology, along with his charismatic personality, he's gotten the under 30 crowd right where he wants them.  He promises them change and they sign on because they feel entitled to education, healthcare and other government subsidies.  Just as the Beatles changed hearts and minds in the 1960's and '70's about national defense, capitalism, personal responsibility, organized religion and morals, President Obama now has the power and backing to do a total remake of our culture as he sees fit.  His youth support will stand with him.

As policy discussions ensue about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell  issue, whether or not the federal government will pay for abortions both here and in other countries, increased spending and budget deficit expansion, nationalized healthcare, unionization of the workplace, increased taxes, and putting more people on the welfare roles, and thus, destroying incentive we will start to observe if the current level of popularity continues.  Education reform is also high on the 'to do' list and the new education secretary has trained and studied under Bill Ayers.  Before being tapped for this new position, he was working diligently in Chicago to create a socially reformed high school which would require half the students be gay and the other half straight. 

There is change coming, and we better get ready.  Our pubic school textbooks will continue to be written to support a political agenda.  Our healthcare will be delivered as the government deems appropriate and to whom.  Our place of work may well become an environment of organized labor and forced union dues to a political party we may not support.  We may see higher fuel taxes,  meant to discourage commerce and freedom to travel or drive a distance for a job  We may see taxes for our pets, luxury taxes based on the square footage of our homes and taxes on how much energy we use (the government will install thermostats to keep tabs on our usage). 

Farming as we know it may change because the newer mindset is that farming destroys the environment and livestock may be taxed, or preferably, done away with completely.  Off-shore oil drilling and increased efforts to extract clean coal and natural gas may be rejected.  The jobs and clean energy nuclear plants could provide will not be part of our energy policy.  While wind and solar may have great potential in years to come, they are not ready yet to assume the energy needs of our growing nation.  Military spending may be dramatically decreased with career soldiers discouraged from re-enlisting in order to save money.  As trouble sprouts around the world that threatens our national security, increased troop levels may be met by reinstituting the draft (if Charlie Rangel has his way). 

When Bob Dylan wrote, "The Times, They are A-Changin'",  he must have been able to see the coming of Barack Obama.  He chides mothers and fathers to get out of the way of their sons and daughters that are moving toward the change.  He tells congressmen that soon their windows will rattle with coming change.  He advises writers to use their pens to write about change.  He tells us change is engulfing us like rising waters.  Whether it's the Beatles, Dylan or other 1960's anti-establishment musicians, they surely inspired the Weather Underground crowd and other revolutionary factions of society.  It's taken longer than they probably had thought, but the agents of change and revolt of that era are finally realizing their visions.   Change has come to America.