Afghan policy way off track

As Obama prepares to wade deeper into Afghanistan, President Karzai complains on Fox News about two things: his lack of control over American military operations in his country and the fact that "civilians are being killed". Here's the link. Comments:

* The Taliban embed themselves in civilian areas specifically for this reason. If Karzai succeeds with his demands for control and "no operations in civilian areas", it would neuter our military operations and give the Taliban a free pass.

* Karzai continues to demand more and more aid. This plays into the erroneous secularist notion that terrorism is caused by "poverty": not true! Violence is a tactic of JIHAD! We can waste billions over as many years as we wish but it will not change a thing: JIHAD will persist.

* JIHAD is the sacred obligation of all Muslims to struggle against unbelievers to impose The Shari'a Law on the whole world! It is a goal that Karzai and the Taliban have in common. We delude ourselves if we believe we can establish a "democracy" in this medieval tribal society, because Islam and democracy are utterly incompatible and irreconcilable. Why waste the blood and treasure on an unattainable goal? Forget the purple thumbs and understand Islamic Theology!

* We would do far better utilizing our resources to formulate an energy policy that eliminates our need to import oil from the Middle East. Doing that would defund and defang "JIHAD"and save Western Civilization.