The Obama Bowl

What exactly is the connection between NBC and President Obama?  Is it simply a case of mutual love and abiding devotion?  The Super Bowl coverage by NBC looked as much like a post-inauguration celebration as it did a football game.  The Obama interview aired right before the game was a first in Super Bowl history if my recollections are intact, and it was an effective way to get in America's face and remind us that as much as we love our Super Bowl's, we need to be gently prompted to love our new president with equal passion and enthusiasm.  As President Obama tossed out a big howdy to troops in Iraq, I wonder how many of them will actually not be home next year to watch the Super Bowl, but will be reassigned to Afghanistan instead.  The pronouncement was good PR, even if it ends up not being quite correct.  The Super Bowl is a day of hero worship; incredible focus and agility of quarterbacks, amazing speed and fancy footwork of running backs, bone-cracking strength of linemen, and of course, greatness in leadership of presidents.  NBC did their best to create a seamless link between athletic prowess and political greatness.

VISIO television even paid big money for an ad within which they gave the prez a favorable nod on his stimulus package.  The sitcom, The Office, which aired right after the game gave a cozy familiarity to its relationship with the president by calling him "Barack".   The musical entertainers were all avid Obama campaign supporters.

When the owner of the Steelers thanked the president for his years of support of the team, the message was sent, "If you are a Steelers fan, you automatically support Obama." 

There were lots of free endorsements intertwined with an event that is typically non-partisan.  During the previous eight years Super Bowl Sunday was not a day-long love fest with the sitting president.  It was clear yesterday that to be a Super Bowl fan, it was hip to be an Obama fan. 

I think most Americans HOPED yesterday would be a day to relax with family and friends, indulge in favorite food and drink and prepare to be entertained by some smash-mouth football.  Super Bowl is our holiday.  We wanted a day off from the typical media blitz of doom and gloom and the onslaught of propaganda of how much we need the government to soothe our wounds.  We got our money's worth out of the game, for sure.  Both the Steelers and the Cardinals put on quite a performance.  Most of us were not expecting NBC's overt agenda, steering us into the belief that whenever the country is having fun and engaging in an enjoyable activity, we should be ever mindful of our president.  Looks like CHANGE has taken over the Super Bowl, too.