If the Rocky folds

As Tom Daschle exits the Obama administration in his tax-free chauffeured limo, kudos to the Rocky Mountain News for editorializing today that this hypocritical scofflaw wasn't fit for confirmation as HHS Secretary. Sorry to see nothing on that from the Denver Post editorial page. A Rocky editorial likewise called for the rejection of Tim Geithner, another tax cheat, as Treasury Secretary last week. Unfortunately only 34 senators agreed -- and unfortunately, again, nothing from Post editors on that one either.

The Post did have an excellent Sunday editorial on Feb. 1 pointing out many flaws in the $819 billion stimulus bill, but the Rocky's editors were earlier and stronger in their condemnation of this legislative monstrosity.

One of the things Colorado will lose if the Rocky Mountain News goes away is an outspoken editorial voice that is usually, not always, more friendly to the conservative position and more skeptical of the liberal position than Denver's other daily, the Post. Let's hope it doesn't happen. Our state would be the poorer for it.