Lincoln now & forever

Reagan's birthday was Friday, and Lincoln's is next Thursday, the bicentenary of the 16th president's birth. What a contrast between the statesmanship and nobility of those two magnificent Americans, and the uncertain mettle of the man in the White House today. The title by which Abraham Lincoln is known to the ages, the Great Emancipator, shows how sharply his ideas diverged from the collectivist and elitist thinking now dominant in Washington DC. He knew and proved how limited constitutional government upholds freedom and dignity for every person. The fallacy that the state knows best, currently believed by many in both parties, couldn't be more opposite. The legacy of Lincoln, Reagan's participation in it, and Obama's departure from it, will be our keynote for Backbone Radio this Sunday.

** I'll talk with Dr. Peter Schramm of the Ashbrook Center in Ohio... author and columnist Joseph C. Phillips... and college conservative activist Jimmy Sengenberger.

** Plus analysis of US & Colorado headlines with state Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams... and Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin.

Yours for the self-evident truths, JOHN ANDREWS