Spine in the Senate

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What a sad showing of vanity and weakness by Senators Spector, Snowe, and Collins in helping pass the generational theft bill, misnamed stimulus, for President Obama. In contrast, what a display of backbone by Sen. Judd Gregg in walking away from a cabinet post after he realized the price of bipartisanship was going to mean betrayal of his principles. It goes to remind us there are Republicans and Republicans. The GOP label can mislead. What's inside the package should be, but isn't always, individual freedom and responsibility, limited government, market economics, and personal integrity. Caveat citizen!

Our purpose at Backbone Radio is to help you exercise the "caveat" with solid facts, analysis, and constitutional fidelity. I invite you to listen in, and call in, this Sunday as my guests include...

** Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-MN... State Board of Education Chairman Bob Schaffer... and our regular contributor Dr. Bill Moloney.

** Plus Metro State student Sean Doherty, editor of the newly launched conservative paper on campus, the "Constitutional Reporter," which had administrators panicked just by announcing its name.

** Plus my special one-hour exploration of Colorado conservatism in the wilderness with Penn Pfiffner, Independence Institute fellow and former state representative.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS