Hillman: No 2010 candidacy

Republican National Committeeman Mark Hillman will not seek any elected office next year, he announced in a mass email to friends on Sunday afternoon. The former Senate Majority Leader and acting State Treasurer had been mentioned as a possible candidate for the GOP nomination as US Senator, Governor, or 4th District Congressman. He lost narrowly to Democrat Cary Kennedy for State Treasurer in 2006.

Mark is a close personal friend, a regular contributor to this blog and our radio show, and an outstanding conservative leader. We can hope to see him back in political combat, and ultimately in public office, one day soon. Here is the text of his announcement:

I have decided not to seek elected office in 2010. Much has changed since I last ran in 2006 - my wife and I have "settled down" in my hometown of Burlington and a six-month-old boy has drastically changed our priorities. Campaigning for statewide or federal office is very demanding and our party deserves candidates who are willing to make that campaign a top priority. At this time, that simply isn't a commitment I am willing to make.

I am truly grateful for your support over the years and if, in a few years, it turns out that another campaign is right for me, for my family, and for Colorado, I would be honored to again have your support.

In the meantime, I intend to work hard as your friend, as a conservative committed to limited government and constitutional freedom, and as your Republican National Committeeman to do all I can to help our candidates and our party succeed by returning to our roots and unifying around our core conservative principles.

Yours for freedom, Mark Hillman