Obie was upbeat, markets weren't

"Beginning of the end" toward exiting the recession, President Obama's upbeat words about the stimulus bill he signed in Denver yesterday, clashed with another down day on Wall Street -- 300 points off the Dow, close to a three-year low. The bullish rhetoric was on Page 1A in the Denver Post today, whereas the bearish market reality was 22 pages in -- Page 6B. Interesting news judgment.

Additional cognitive dissonance came with the President's scare word "catastrophe" being cited in the front page headline -- while syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker was telling us on 11B that Obama himself backed away from that alarmist characterization in a chat with her last Friday. Not only were the '30s worse than now, says the Stimulator in Chief; so were the early '80s when he was in college.

Huh? Solar panels are one thing, but Barack has now entered a hall of mirrors. He can't keep his story straight. Fear one day, hope the next. Stop the bubble machine.

It was said that New York Mayor Robert Wagner set the chutzpah record by running for a second term on a reform platform against his own first term. That flipflop took four years. Obama has now done the same in four weeks.