With a whimper?

If anyone has ever wondered how our democracy will end, it is now clear. Step 1, flood the country with millions of illegal immigrants that all vote Democratic. For example, consider this. Succeeding steps and symptoms would include the following:

o Politically, the country would become a one party State. Elections would become the rubber stamp variety, the Saddam Hussein 90% approval sort, with no real opposition.

o The center-right middle class would be disenfranchised and impoverished with inexorable governmental wealth transference taxation.

o The "middle class" would disappear, to be replaced by one large "Government Dependent Class".

* With absolute electoral plurality, Presidential term limits can be removed. The young President Obama would be President for life. (This has been seriously proposed by a US Congressman, and Chavez in Venezuela recently won such a plebiscite.)

* The cult of personality surrounding President Obama would transform America into a Peronista-style quasi-dictatorship

* Continually manufactured "Crises" will mobilize and manipulate the people, making the Government all important and all-powerful. Non governmental organizations would fade, including private charities, private businesses, rotary clubs, and churches.

The unknown underlayment in this scenario is the role of Islam. Islam is waging Jihad against us to subjugate us to Shari'a Law. The Progressives are currently allied with them to pull down the center-right middle class, seemingly ignoring the Jihadist threat. Ideologically, there has to be an eventual mutual betrayal.