Newsroom fadeout

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Flinty old Thomas Jefferson said he'd rather have newspapers and no government than a government and no newspapers. Freedom of expression and suspicion of power should be as fundamental to us as they were to America's founders. The passing of the Rocky Mountain News doesn't just leave an empty place in the Colorado landscape. It points up another way in which the 21st century calls for extra vigilance in guarding our liberties. Vigilance is the watchword on this week's edition of Backbone Radio.

** Veteran journalist Al Knight will talk about his years on the Rocky from 1971 and now on the Denver Post since 1988.

** Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform will analyze Obama's revolutionary plans for the economy and the budget... Ken Davenport, who blogs on international relations, will assess the new president's opening moves on defense and foreign policy.

** Plus Colorado Republican Vice-Chair Perry Buck.... and military historian Jim Krefft.

Meanwhile in Congress, liberals are setting the stage for an FCC squeeze against conservative talk radio. Our little show, along with the big syndicated talkers you enjoy all week on 710 KNUS, may be on borrowed time just like the lamented Rocky. Listen while you can!

Yours for patriotic dissent, JOHN ANDREWS