Sinister squeeze on faith-based campuses

I walked into the cafeteria here at Colorado Christian University, pondering what Obama meant last week when he called for higher education for everyone. I then sat down with a colleague from CCU's development office. He asked me what I thought of Obama's plan to limit charitable giving.

Suddenly I started to put two and two together. I am convinced that Obama wants to squeeze schools like CCU out of existence. If he offers tuition-free higher ed, it won't be to schools like ours. Then if he hinders our donor base, it will be a one-two punch to our viability.

Then if he limits freedom of speech with the "Fairness Doctrine".... And socializes medicine... Obama wants to control education, the media, even our healthcare.

Some fear that we are moving inexorably toward a totalitarian regime. Are they overreacting?

William Watson is professor of modern history at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood.