Blue Colorado

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Colorado was reliably Republican not long ago. Now it's a Democrat stronghold, the place Obama comes for photo ops, ground zero for the spending lobby and the liberal agenda. What changed, and how did it happen so fast? Rob Witwer, attorney and former state representative, has analyzed the shift in a major article for National Review, entitled "Rocky Ride." He'll be my opening guest on Backbone Radio this Sunday.

** Plus Jessica Corry of Face the State, one of the new media voices that may help conservatives get back on offense... and Nathan Chambers, former GOP chairman of Arapahoe County who's now running for state vice chairman.

** Plus Joseph C. Phillips with a first-person report on the International Conference on Climate Change held this week in New York, the folks who dare to ask if global warming was ever a crisis in the first place (before global cooling set in).

** Plus Jamie Glazov, author of the new book "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror."

It will be a good show, and we hope you'll be listening. Blue Colorado is due for a color change, with your help.

Yours for a red-state renewal, JOHN ANDREWS