Ten years in battle

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If you don't see politics right now as a fight for the very survival of individual liberty and constitutional government, you're not paying attention. One Colorado patriot who clearly sees it that way, and has fought hard, mostly on offense, throughout his career, is former Congressman Tom Tancredo. Tom recently completed ten years in battle in Washington DC, representing suburban Denver in the US House, and his energies are now targeted on issue activism here in the state -- as well as a possible return to elective office. "In Mortal Danger," the title of his latest book, has even more urgency for America now that Obama is president.

** Tom Tancredo will spend an hour in the studio with us this Sunday, talking about wins and losses of the past decade and what we must do as the battle continues now.

** Colorado's own capitol is a battleground this spring as well, with liberal Democrats aggressively pushing their agenda. We'll talk with Republican State Sen. Mike Kopp about taxes, tuitions, judges, and all the other issues.

** Plus Muslim truth-teller Nonie Darwish, born the daughter of a Gaza terrorist and now a voice for resistance against jihad and Sharia law.

** Plus Jonathan Witt of the Acton Institute with a briefing on their powerful documentary film, "The Birth of Freedom." Unless we know our heritage and history, we're at grave risk of losing them -- see current headlines.

Please join us Sunday at 5:00 for the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud radio rendezvous of the weekend. The stakes just keep getting higher. Will we measure up?

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS