Not the only snow job

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So spring came and Colorado finally got the blizzard that winter never brought. But looking over the national landscape, a far worse snow job is being done on the American people by liberals in politics, media, and academe. We're here to help you plow through it and regain traction for liberty. Hop aboard and let's tackle the drifts. This Sunday I'll talk with David Horowitz about his new book, "One Party Classroom," perfect for the Ward Churchill fraud show now playing in Denver... and with Philip Howard, author of "Life Without Lawyers" and leader of the Common Good movement.

** David Bradshaw, an economist with SwissAmerica, talks about inflation risks from the Obama budget... and Jacob Leis of Western Tradition Partnership exposes the radical green agenda for Colorado.

** Plus Scott Gessler, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, on the worsening threats to fair and honest elections.

Rush Limbaugh's ratings have surged since Obama anointed him America's bogeyman. If only someone would shower OUR show with free publicity. All we get so far is the silent treatment from Gov. Ritter and Lt. Gov. O'Brien, neither of whom will come near our microphone. And Colorado Media Matters has shut down. Spoilsports.

Yours for conservative renewal, JOHN ANDREWS