A brave captain in a fearful world

Today we witnessed a brave captain evade death by taking bold action off the coast of Somalia. Our magnificent Navy Seals took out three of his captors and seized the routth. Thank you to: the US Navy, President Obama for authorizing the mission, and Captain Phillips for affirming the superiority and pride of the United States. With that said, I’d like to have a discussion of how we got here and where do we go now. I would say, we got here due to the cowardice of many countries around the world, and the willingness of the shipping companies to pay ransoms to pirates rather than fight and defeat the enemy.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is an enemy. What upsets me, is words like “we have the pirate in custody,” and let’s bring the pirate “to court in New York.” Are we fighting an enemy or are we having a law enforcement action? In our PC world we seem to be in the law enforcement mode, not the “fight the enemy mode.”

I put forth this thesis:

Until our leaders take a different attitude towards our enemies, we will continue to have to live through episodes like this. Here’s how you’ll know when we finally take this seriously. The words go like this:

“We killed 3 pirates and captured the 4th.” “We have the 4th pirate and will only release him when this war is over. No trials, no lawyers.”

Until our leaders and the rest of the world starts thinking like this, we will all remain FEARFUL not POWERFUL.