Let's keep teapot hot

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Americans, lots of us anyway, are jealous of our liberty and alarmed by the threat to it in 2009 from what I call the "five bigs" -- big government, big business, big labor, big education, and big media. That's the message from this week's remarkable grassroots upsurge of Tea Parties across the country. Was the whole thing somehow staged, as Gibbs, Pelosi, and CNN have suggested? Absurd. Its genuineness was obvious to all who took part.

But was this a one-off spring fling with no sustained impact? That's an open question, and the answer is up to us. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 fueled a growing citizens movement that led America to nationhood. Whether the current protest becomes a movement or remains a mere gesture, depends on you and me.

Backbone Radio will do its part to keep the teapot aboil. Please join us this Sunday.

** I'll talk with Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center about MSM coverage of the Tea Parties. It wasn't their finest hour.

** Plus Chuck King, dean of the business school at Colorado Christian University, who is chairing a free-enterprise summit next week... and Scott Walter of the Becket Fund, who has diagnosed the civics deficit on our campuses.

** Plus an hour with Douglas Groothuis from Denver Seminary, exploring the moral and spiritual foundations of limited government and individual freedom.

"Give me liberty or give me health care; liberty or stimulus; liberty or bailouts," was not the view of the patriots who founded this Republic. Nor should it be ours.

Let's keep the left in hot water, JOHN ANDREWS