Spare us your morality, Barack

On April 21, President Obama opened the way for possible prosecution of American government advisers who approved of waterboarding terrorists. Forget that such interrogation methods may have saved untold lives by extracting necessary information from those killers. The President may allow prosecution anyway, because, he said, such methods "reflected us [sic] losing our moral bearings." And certainly Mr. Obama has every right to speak of "our moral bearings," since:

**As an Illinois State Senator, he personally stopped legislation to protect babies born alive after failed abortion attempts.

**As a U.S. Senator, he supported legislation to allow doctors to stab to death babies that were 80 percent outside their mothers' wombs.

**As a Presidential candidate, he vowed to sign legislation that would wipe out scores of laws in several state that might protect some preborn babies from being killed.

**As President, he signed orders to use American taxpayers' money to promote the killing of preborn babies around the globe and to kill thousands of human embryos around the country, and also appointed over three dozen abortion advocates to positions in his government.

**Also as President, he has begun proceedings to rescind conscience clause protection for doctors and medical facilities, thereby requiring them either to perform immoral procedures or to quit the medical field altogether.

Yes, sir, this is the man we want to protect "our moral bearings."