Littwin said what?

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So this week's big news is that the "GOP's tent keeps getting smaller." At least if we're to believe an April 29 column with that title from Mike Littwin of the Denver Post. Littwin, spinning furiously, manages to make statesmen of the chameleons Specter and Snowe, martyrs of the low-polling Ritter and Bennet, and goats of Steele, Tancredo, Beauprez, Ken Buck, and Ryan Frazier. Quite a morning's work.

Some friends have asked why I keep Mike as a regular on Backbone Radio, once a month or so, when his take on conservatism is always adversarial and sometimes acid. My answer is that we on the right aren't ready for prime time until we can absorb and rebut the worst that such as Littwin can dish out.

Besides, you have to admit, the man is lively company. His renewable-energy output is ten times that of all the other biomass the left wants to foist on us.

** So this Sunday we'll get another gale from the happy hippie's windmill -- and I'll roar back at him, leaving no misdeed unrebuked. Tune in for the fun.

** Plus end-of-session legislative reports from Republican leaders Sen. Josh Penry and Rep. Mike May, House conservative bulldogs Cory Gardner and Frank McNulty, and Democratic provocateur Sen. Chris Romer.

** Plus Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund on how to repel the ACLU onslaught on religious freedom and what to expect from Obama's first Supreme Court nominee.

Speaking of Obie, did you notice how dissent was patriotic when his side was doing it -- but now if you go to a Tea Party or watch Fox News, you're an object of presidential scorn? Funny how that works.

Yours with a zest for the battle, JOHN ANDREWS