They can be had

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Never mind the gloating by liberals in places like the current Time magazine cover, which depicts Republicans as an endangered species. The fact is, public skepticism over Democrat ineptitude could make 2010 a good year for the GOP here in Colorado. You’ve seen the numbers. Voters disapprove Gov. Bill Ritter’s performance by 49% to 41%, according to an April poll. Matched against potential GOP challengers, he trails Scott McInnis and barely leads Josh Penry. His appointee in DC, Sen. Michael Bennett, is disapproved by 41% to 34% and trails Republican Bob Beauprez. They’re a pathetic pair.

My latest Denver Post column, "Are You Better Off?" spells out the logic after this week's wrapup of another underwhelming legislative session with Dems in control. Read the column on our home page just above this post. A Republican comeback in 2010 will depend on good candidates and clear conservative principles, of course. But I believe we'll have those.

Two candidates who have shown the most seriousness about taking on Sen. Bennet are Ken Buck, the Weld County DA, and Ryan Frazier, the Aurora councilman. Both are friends of Backbone Radio, and you've heard from them before. Both will give us an update on this Sunday's show.

Hosting in my place will be Ross Kaminsky and Matt Dunn. I'll be in Washington DC, helping lead a public policy field study with 16 students from Colorado Christian University, where I work now. For details on the Centennial Institute, my new project at CCU, click here.

As for the socialist, secularist, nanny-nagging Democrats, be of good cheer. Their snake oil won't fool Americans forever. They can be had, and we're just the ones to prove it.

Yours for liberty, JOHN ANDREWS