Rise of the soft despots

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In return for some of our liberty, writes Michael Barone in a powerful column this week, Obama's band of "would-be soft despots are offering Americans money and the promise of security against economic distress." That's a chilling prospect, and Barone is not one to sensationalize. Nor did the warning about soft despotism originate with him. It's a vulnerability Tocqueville foresaw long ago. Michael Barone is my guest on Backbone Radio this Sunday.

** Plus an Obama report card from Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation and a primer on our country's Judeo-Christian beginnings from author William Federer.

** Plus a tribute to the Greatest Generation from the pages of "The Old Man and the Harley," a newly published family memoir by Coloradan John Newkirk..

America without apologies, our theme on the air these past five years, is more relevant than ever as PC liberalism keeps spreading. I'm fired up about it after a week in Washington with CCU students, capped by an all-day seminar in the freedom shrine that is our US Capitol. Don't miss this Sunday's show.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS