VP deserves incarceration in bunker

More on (or moron) the Democrat Lunatic front. We all remember that after 9/11, occasionally Dick Cheney was said to be in an "undisclosed location". The purpose was to preserve the chain of command authority of the federal government and the military in case the leadership was otherwise decapitated. Well, the location of this secret bunker has now been divulged over casual dinner conversation by the VP himself, Joe Biden. Eleanor Clift of Newsweek says that he blabbed this classified information to his dinner companions.

Now Biden may think that it is of no major consequence if he is taken out. He is wrong. If something happens to Obama, then Joe Biden is the only bulwark standing between us and a Nancy Pelosi presidency. This is a serious matter indeed. Joe Biden must be protected at all costs!

Now if disclosing the identity of Valerie Plame, a defunct CIA spy, was a prosecutable offense, then surely this is two orders of magnitude more serious. However, when the prosecutors begin investigating, at least there won't be much of a mystery about who the leaker was. Perhaps the VP bunker in its newly-disclosed location can double as Biden's prison cell until the president pardons him.

Ironically, during the recent presidential primary campaign Joe Biden told CNN's Candy Crowley that he might "save the world" if voters elected him president. What a dunce.

I designate Joe Biden as Democrat Lunatic #9.