Wishes won't win wars

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Facts are stubborn things, said John Adams. Obama's dovish campaign rhetoric and Pelosi's scapegoating of the CIA have been overtaken by cold reality. Dick Cheney's fearless patriotism provides a spinal transplant for skittish fellow Republicans. Jihadist bloodlust is highlighted by the Muslim plot to dynamite a New York synagogue. Iran now has Israel in missile range. Wishful thinking and pretty words won't quite do it for protecting America in a dangerous world, our new president is having to recognize after 120 days on the job. Welcome to the Long War, Mr. Obama. (Though it seems you're still AWOL as far as Guantanamo is concerned.)

** On Backbone Radio this Sunday I'll review this complex and sobering picture with Michael Tanji, editor of "Threats in the Age of Obama," and Tom Trento, producer of the new documentary, "The Third Jihad."

** William Simon Jr., the businessman who ran against Gov. Gray Davis in 2002 (a year ahead of his recall and replacement by Schwarzenegger in 2003), will update us on the fiscal horror in California after this week's taxpayer revolt.

** Plus Lee Strobel, investigative reporter turned Christian apologist, on why he's moving to Colorado, and Joseph C. Phillips, our man in Hollywood, on Colin Powell vs. the conservatives.

Yours for the Big Stick, JOHN ANDREWS